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this morning... but we weren't the first to get our hands on apple's latest gadget. gadget.couutdown nats nats chhck out this video from australia.they were the first to get the new iphone. and here you can see people in new yorr at apple's flagship store... ááad lib livelookáá 3 some people here in baltiiore already have their hands on the phone. phone. joel d. smith is live at a verizon store in timonium to find out if it lives up to the hype. good mornnng joel d. thinnest and llghtest i-phone everlarger disppay taller, not wider ... now 4 inches.faster wi-fi andddownloads.better battery life.hd viieo with better stabilizatton.turn by turn spoken directions.... map flyovers. already, the company had to push out some deliveries to october after early online purchases topped 2-m in 24 hrs, twice the record set last year with the iphone is introducing the iphone 5 across the world device's 5 previous debuts. tte iphone 5 will go on sale in 22 more countries on 28 september, apple said, and it pill be in more than 100 countries by the end of the year. 3 we could learn next we
. >>> the nats once again are trying to clinch the division title and once again they fell short. >> reporter: the nats are so close. they are just so close. all they needed to clinch the division was a win today. and they kind of seemed like they didn't come ready to play. he is making a big start in his hometown. and he got rocked together. he didn't make it out of the third, giving up seven runs on four hits while walking back. now, he hit a home run and as did danny espinasa, but they lose today, 10-4. >>> now, r.j. bowings has been in st. louis all weekend. goggles in hand, but hey, maybe the goggles, you know, is something that they could dig, but they couldn't get it done. >> reporter: i would put those away. i'm no longer picking up the goggles or the poncho, not doing that at all. but we're getting our moneys worth when it comes to baseball this weekend. there is a college baseball game going on right now and they are pretty good. the nats could have used them, especially the pitchers. they came in with a magic number of thee in the show-me state. but they didn't show me too much. >>
missed stephen strasburg's outing today, you have one more chance to catch the ace in action at nats park. his final home game is friday against the marlins. davey johnson announced ninessal start of the season will be september 12th versus -- his final start of the season will be september 12th versus the mets at citi field. scoreless in the 4th inning, bryan anderson up sends a fly ball into right field. here comes bryce harper to make the catch. he comes up throwing. for some reason allen craig will test the rookie's arm. kurt suzuki makes a double play to get him out. end of the inning. bottom of the 4th no, score until suzuki turns on a dave westbrook pitch, clears the wall in left field, a solo shot. he adds an r.b.i. single in the 6th. 2-0 nationals. strasburg would go six scoreless innings, strikes out the final batter alan craig, his ninth strikeout of the game exiting with a 2-0 lead. top 7 sean burnett in in relief, run other and the 2-0 lead is gone because that's a two-run home run to right. this game is tied 2-2 and strasburg's chance to earn a 16th win no longer. danny espi
1933. that all changed last night. first place nats took down the dodgers 4-1 to clinch the city's first post-season berth since president roosevelt. next step for the nats now they will try to clinch the national league east. cincinnati reds are headed to the playoffs. they knocked off the cubs 5-3. they clinched a spot in the post-season. the magic number to win is now two. in the american league the l.a. angels trying to keep their post-season hopes alive. the angels hosting texas. rangers pitcher pulls the angels to one run over eight innings and in the ninth beltran puts the angels ahead. tax wins 3-1. oakland a's increasing their wild card lead. they battered detroit pitchers in a 12-4 win. oakland is now 4 1/2 games in the race for the last post-season spot in the al. in football the new york giants got a lot of help from some super subs. andre brown with a big night for big blue. he runs for 113 yards and two touchdowns, while back up wide receiver added 123 yards. giants crushed carolina 36-7. when we return, high concept art. an apartment built 70 feet in the air all to
owens. >> reporter: derek, i'll tell you what, 30,000 plus showed up at nats park here tonight to witness a little history. and i think they saw it. check that out, huh? nats playoffs 2012. i tell you what, whoever thought those words would be put in the same sentence. let's take a look at some of the video from the game tonight. it was a beautiful night for baseball. i'll tell you, the weather broke. it was absolutely perfect. a lot of guys getting into the act. danny espinosa. doubles to the wall. he scores ian desmond, the birthday boy. nats get a solid performance from ross detwiler as well pitching wise. and we can say it, it's official, nats playoffs here we go. >> what's the big deal? [ laughing ] >> it was fun, but it's not what i had my eye on. it's a nice step to get here. but, you know, every manager that is leading the division, that's the only thing that matters winning the division. >> reporter: what a night out here. again, 30,000 plus witnessing this history. the first time a dc area baseball team can say they're going to the playoffs in 79 years. much more comi
to start with what happened to the nats? >> the nats are too good. that doesn't mean they're going to win every night. it was a later one. >> you know, they can, and they have, but. >> are they back at it? >> i'm trying to lead into what happened tonight. the nationals came into this afternoon's game with 80 wins, we have a month left in the regular season. the cards take a wild one at nats park. we're going to show you how it went down. all smiles early, as jayson werth, bryce harper and the nats are looking for their fourth win in a row. brian zimmerman at the plate. the nats down 8-7. two on for zimmerman. he knocks this one down. werth comes in to tie the game. molina throws -- don't forget about the kid, busting in. he slides in safely, that gives the nats a 9-8 lead. same score, bottom 7, danny espinosa facing edward mohica who smacks one to center. espinosa, that big time hit, big time web gem for the cards. tied at nine, good matchup. the world series mvp wins the battle, singles to left, allen craig scores and that proves to be the game winning run. cards down the nats 10-9. stev
. >>> elsewhere, the nats did their part. still looking to clinch the east division tonight. the braves won their game in atlanta while the nats were going extra innings in st. louis. that's where dave owens is reporting tonight. what's the mood out there? >> reporter: i'll tell you what, bruce, i was all ready for a celebration tonight. i had my goggles ready. i've got a poncho over here. you can't see it, but i was ready for the champagne. but tonight's game one of the weirdest we've seen in awhile. let me take you to the first inning. i'll have kristen berset detail this a little more later, but mike morris hits a home run that appears to be a home run. the umpires say it's not a home run. all kinds of confusion ensues on the base pass. they eventually tag out mike morris and replay the play. they come back, it's called a home run. so everyone's got to come back out onto the field and go through the motions one more time. so they call it a home run grand slam in the first inning. so let's fast-forward in the ninth inning now. drew on the close, he couldn't do it. john jay, a sacrifice.
realize how special this team is. including the pitcher. and adam laroche and the nats trying to take a third straight game from the cardinals this afternoon. nats up 4-2 in the second. laroche launches an upper deck shot to the right. bottom of the 6th, nats trailing 8-7 and zimmerman singles to right. jason worth is going to score to tie the game and then watch catcher molina, throws the ball to second. why they did that, bryce harper sneaks around, doesn't stop running the bases and slides in safely. great base running and the nats go ahead 9-8. top of the 9th tied again and world series hero comes through for the cardinals. he singles to left. allen craig scores and the cards win 10-9. >>> today randy kicking off his second season with the terps, hosting william and mary. less than 10 minutes left, maryland trails 6-0. yup, 6-0. and the handoff. he takes it to a big hole. only touchdown. adds the extra point and maryland edges william and mary 7-6. coming up on nissan sports xtra. a one on one with ryan. >> a lot of stuff on deck. >> they have to, you saved this. a little while
will respond to the senators directly. >>> a disappointing day for nats fans. the income is quicker than originally planned for steven strauss bug. dave ross is back with sports after the break. first, gwen's up. >> hi, will, happy to sea that all of this inclement weather is moving out. we have rain in areas of southern maryland and across areas of del marva and we'll see improvement. you will like the rest of the weekend forecast. we're back after the break. i thought of something else we need for the baby. what's that? it's a 200 watts per channel dynamically balanced surround sound wireless baby monitor... with a sub wolfer. good idea you should also probably have this fuschia leather diaper clutch. (coughing) "buy it" (in agreement) yea for little diapers. tiny smart vo: from the new to the hard-to-find: when it's on your mind, it's on ebay™. but it makes millions off west marylanders every year. now they're running dishonest ads. why? because voting for question seven is a vote to build a... world-class resort casino in maryland. creating thousands of jobs and... ...according to
team has the playoffs since 1933. historic? you bet. the buzz is starting. nats are the favorites to win the pennant. this club is aggressive. they dare you to challenge them. been fun to watch. one of the hardest teams in baseball to beat. trying to score from first. double trouble. the nats beat the dodgers, 4-1, for the playoffs. the fans celebrated. the team was very measured. was just one goal on the way to the pennant. time in 79 years, up for the fall classic. playoff baseball in washington. the fans were filed up, looking ahead to be an exciting fall here in town. >> that is almost impossible to believe. believe it. [laughter] >> it is about time. we are excited. f win of the nats playof not unexpected at this point. is the latest milestone what has been and a season that has far exceeded most expectations. >> autria godfrey is live outside the nats park. enoughe fans celebrated absolutelyh electric. fireworks in the sky. a die-hard fans are saying they waited wait too long to see this. take a look. , and that's were on full to toe here head tonight. fans were already -- g
the stadium. the nats stadium. watching these showers toward manassas, and over toward culpeper. they are all green. there's nothing heavy. no yellows or reds. temperatures look good. 84 manassas, 84 downtown. 86 in fredericksburg. problem is, it's just humid out. for tonight, partly to mostly cloudy, muggy, a few thunderstorms possible. those that develop could produce heavy rain. low temperatures 70 to 75. we'll come back, we'll talk about whether or not the rest of the week will be code yellow. >> thank you, top. sp speak of weather. tonight at 7:00, ready for another snow megeddon? maybe you aught to be. we'll tell you how much of the white stuff they are predicting for this winter. >> don't even want to look at it. see you at 7:00. still to come in this half hour, it's expected to cut off a major alternate route for two years. tonight, we have good news about the project along wood mont avenue. >> first, marking a milestone and looking at one of nasa's most successful missions. where does it go from here? heavy load in america. but mitt romney plan, a middle class to $2,000 more a yea
for the nats. their ace on deck. >>> first there was tebowing, now there's griffinning. the move is named after robert griffin iii. after delivering 320 yards passing, rgiii laid halfway on the field and that up his hands. fans are -- fans are mimicking the move now. for what's around this corner... and the next. there's cash flow options from pnc. solutions to help businesses like yours accelerate receivables, manage payments, and help ensure access to credit. because we know how important cash flow is to reaching your goals. pnc bank. for the achiever in you. >>> dave ross with you. the nats continue to roll, and i do mean roll. 87 wins already, six and a half game lead over the braves. a magic number of 15 meaning any combination from here on out of nats wins and braves losses that equal 15 and the division title will reside in washington, d.c. last night stiff winds blowing in, in new york city, didn't bother the nats' bats. top 3rd, ryan zimmerman with a man on, and that man is off, because that is off. two-run shot for zim from virginia beach. and just like that the nats had only five hit
2013......couldn't come soon enough......(nats)(7:22)i just completely fell in love with the scenary.....the couple would tie the love point....(cont bite)it was in chesapeake was maryland.....everything i wanted......(nats)it was the setting for a perfect dayy..... (1:04) (dissolve from the empty room to tte pics of a real wedding)this is the terrace level of the ballroom joan and richard reinheimerr are the caretakers......... (1:16) (show empty room and dissolve into photo's)we set up here for ceremonies nd lovely photos can be taken up here and right below us is a reception......(31:03) standup) the reinheimers say they spend hundreds of say they spend the reinheimers say they spendd hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to get love point wedding ready.....(nats) the mansion is in a residential area and sits onn 18 acrrs of land......(nats) hosting weddings at love point since early summer 2011..... (nats)(6:43)we were moving forward wth our business plan and we were noo getting any cooperation from the county we felt like it was the competition and ju
some of california's most famous landmarks. >> and a special tribute for the nats. >> madonna is coming to d.c. this weekend, >>> the space shuttle endeavor landed safely and a whirlwind aerial tour around california landmarks. strapped to the back of a 747 jumbo jet, the endeavor touched down today after a nearly five-hour flyover. they took a looping over the golden gate bridge and other icons. the shuttle will retire at the california science center in los angeles. >> the frenzy over apple's newest iphone began today when the 5 went on sale here in the u.s. and all other countries all over the world. it has a larger screen than the iphone 4s. 10 million of them are expected to be shipped out in the next ten days. for th fanatics, the hours they spent in line today, they say, was well worth it. >> it's tradition for me. every year i get the new one. >> it's just an experience. i mean, it's a social experience. >> fixed maps. fixed maps, that's it. >> that's the one early complaint. there are some hiccups with apple's new mapping program which replaces google maps on the new phone. >>
.. are invading maryland this weekend. weekend.different song nats nats your chance to win tickkts to "sunday in the country" is coming up sometime in the next 30 minutes. minutes.and next... the ravens take on the eagles this sunday... and you know who my pick is.but what my challenger thinks will happen... in this week's piiskin predictions. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. ((break 3)) thats why you use autotune and i don't don't an x factor contestant... delivers a diss.but what britney said right after... the was an even bigger burn. burn. you're 3 3 fiier map 3 a bail hearing ffr the 15-year old suspect in the perry hall high sccool shooting... is postponed. attorneys ffr robert gladden are trying to convince a judge that their client should be tried as a juvenile. with more on how the teen's mental state could be a deciding factor... plus your other top stories of the morning. booh sides were in court yesterday for a bail review &phearing... that hearing was postponed because the defense medical rrcords. records.gladden is facing 29 counts for the shooting that critica
awesome. >> we're the nats. >> bigger and better things to come in the coming weeks here for the nationals. >> my first game, nats game was terrific. >> you're their good luck charm i guess. >> i hope. so i'll have to come back. >> the nats high fived each other on the field. davey johnson waved to the crowd. they had what was called sort of a muted celebration in the clubhouse though with a little champagne. the magic number to college the division is now eight. the earliest they can do that is tuesday night. so playoff tickets go on sale now at 10:00 this morning. do not go to nationals park to get them. you can go online., you can also call 188-8632 nats. the tights are going on sale for the potential -- tickets are going on sale. it will put sanding room tights on sale deep -- tickets on sale each day. >>> he was hit by a bullet while pushing other students out of the way. court records identified the suspect as 17-year-old brandon smothers. the teenager who was shot suffered multiple nonlife- threatening injuries. the shooting started over an argument over who was better
and innocent people die"(nats film linkk#2) ((1:46-1:51 "every non muslim is an infidel, their lands, women, and children are our spoils"track #4officials say a short american-made video , c" played a role in the attacks. the filmmocks isllm's founding ophet, muhammad calling him a killer, edophile and womanizer(nats &plink #2(1:15-1:18 "i will make sure she knows this scoundrel with my servant")) track #5 the crisiss spilling over into the pressdential rac(sott nepath wedn163)((1:29--;34 effectely apologizinggfor the ght of free speech is not the right courseor an administration."track #6 republican presidential candidate mitt romney is ripping the ama administrations initial responne, saying it sympathized with t attackers by criticizing the film. the obama administration says quote "it is shooked governor romney is launching a political attack. duan says it's not a surprise.(sot) ((23:224-23:23:2"kind of puts the whole foreign policy piece in playbeen talking about theconomy"))((butt witt))((23::36-:23:38 "ye it's going to change dynamic, conversation for a while"track #7ben cker repo
. a few blocks from the nats park. the man was stabbed in the chest. take tune a hospital. died of his injuries. the victim's name not released. coming up next at 11:00. disaster at an air show in iowa. we know the name of the pilot who crashed his soviet-era plane this weekend. fall is great time to use leftover vacation days and we have a look at some of the best travel deals. >> coming up tonight on redskins final the we look back at a promising preseason athe team gets ready for the saints one week from today. we are talking baseball. news of the strasbourg shutdown as the nats' ace takes the mound against the cards. and a wild ride, downtown they >>> sun myung moon died. founded the unification church. his religious movement began in the 70s and spread around the world. the church is probably best known for mass weddings. officials for the church say moon passed away monday. two weeks after being hospitalized with pneumonia. he was 92. we are learning new information about the pilot killed during iowa's air show. glen smith was flying in formation with two other jets
nats of race and engines enginesthe baltimore grand prix is a wrap!the driver that took home the championship... and what organziers are doing &pto make sure you have a smoot commute... tomorrow. a serious case of school pullying ... caught on video. where it happened..and the center of the episode.he 3nats. nats. and a scary scene at a mmnster truck race...what that injured several people... and it's all ccught on tape. 3 3 today is monday, septembee 3. - labor day! 3 the cars are gone...the barriers are taken down...and the second grand prix of baltimore... is now in the history books. books.just minutes after the race ended... workers started breaking down the track nnar camden yards.this is videooour crew shot... of workers taking down fences.organizers say it's all part of the promise to the city, to be as friendly as possible to neighbors, commmters, and businesses. grand prix organizers say this year's attendance was less than last year's... but they're happy with the only putting the race together in three months. tim mayer, general manager, baltimore grand prix: 3
in sports, the nats are doing serious yardwork. we'll look at the home run yesterday and robert griffin iii said he's ready for the real thing this sunday. is he nervous for the big debut? that answer is next.  anncr: this casino's in n west virginia. but it makes millions off marylanders every year. now they're running dishonest ads. why? because voting for question seven is a vote to build a... world-class resort casino in maryland. creating thousands of jobs and... ...according to the official department of legislative... services, hundreds of millions for our schools. while saving taxpayer money by cutting casino subsidies. question seven. good jobs and better schools in maryland. not west virginia. . >>> making them healthier and improving their grades. first, this plan needs a thumb's up from the kids themselves. the school lunch program is getting an overhaul. beth parker shows us how. >> we no longer -- . >> reporter: with a crunch comes the biggest change in school nutrition in years. >> what do you think? >> it's good. >> reporter: good enough on to make it past the tin
it wiil move oot in ttme for f - the weekend.. in the skywatch forecast. 3game natt nats and.. what makes this ppzza.. foo adults only. &p 3 3 ffiday, september 28. 3 3 3map pelairwilkens335map 3 a big nighh the &pravens... and for the entire national football league. league.regular refs rettrned first timeein ámonths.áand from what you cannsee... they received a warm welcome from fa. fans.after that... it was down to businesssjoo flacco was on! he throws for torrey smith. he also ran for a touchdown. but the browns played tough! the game wasn't decidedduntii a second prandon weeden sailed out of the end zone... as the clock ran out. the rrvens win 23-to-16 .it was vvry siiilar to the ast play of mooday night... but that throw mmde it tt the endzonee and into the arms offtwo players .... sort of. replacement refs made a controoersial call and goodell says that call... is what partially led reaching a &pdeal with thh referees' union. "labor negotiations and labor disputes areedifficull difficult about ii is you have but you also have alot oo partiie outside th
log on to foxx morning. dot com slash the x factor is back... back... x factor commercial nats natswhht you'll see for the first time this season. season. you're watching fox 45 good day 3 p the x factor is back for season 2... with demi lovato and britney spears joining l-a reid and simon cowell at the judge'' table. table.x factor nats nats promos for the show have offered glimpses of spears... crushing the hooes and dreams of ome contestants during the early auditions.candace dold is out in hollywood this spears aad cowell.. and here's what they had to say: for the first time you are seeing what it's like to be a contestant on one of these shows . we've gone way back stage, so the contestants narrate the show anddit's evvrythiig i've always suspected. they all hate each other. they are not nice to each othhr... they are always competitive (as brittany laughs) oc: competive." competive."coming up later this hour.... we ask britney they look for in a contestant... and the performer simon's already got his eye on. on..ou can catch the season 2 premiere of "the x faator" ton
.....for marcela and donte.......may 5th enough......(nats)(7:22)i just completely fell in love with the scenary.....the couple would tie the love point....(cont bite)it was in chesapeake was maryland.....everything i settinggfor a perfect day...... (1:04) (dissolve from the empty room to the pics of a real wedding)this is the terrace level of the ballroom joan and richard reinheimer are the caretakers......... (1:16) (show eepty room and dissolve into photo's)we set up here for ceremonies and loveey photos can be taken up here and right below ussis a reception......(31:03) standup) the reinheimers say they spend hundreds of thousands of get love point wedding ready..... (nats)residential area and sits on 18 acres of land...... (nats)the reinheimers have been hosting weddings at lovee 2011.....(nats)(6:43)we were moving forwarddwith our business plan and we were not getting ann cooperation from the county we felt like ii was the competition and just influential wealthy neighbors that just didn't want us here...then........(41:03)we were receiving complaints of the propert
the braves by 8 1/2 games in the nl east but the braves had to beat the nats a couple of times to stay alive in the division race. that's what they did -- they have done. they beat the nats last night and tonight, more of the same. adam la roche getting things going early after losing by one run last night. jason at first. and adam la roche hits one sky high and deep, but jason hayward couldn't reach it. homerun number 30 for la roche and it gives the nats an early lead. bottom of the 8th. tied at 4. braves has the bases loaded and the pitch brushes the jersey of simmons. the braves win. and the nationals have a 6 1/2 game lead in the nl east. >>> the maryland terrapins and the coach taking on the former squad, the u-conn huskies. second quarter. maryland down 14-0. and going all the way in for a 19-yard touchdown. the first collegiate touchdown. and maryland was down 14-7. late in the fourth, maryland down 10. and perry hill drops back and keeps it for himself. with a 10-yard score. the terps pull within three. 4th and 17 for the u-conn team. can they do it? going deep to the end zone. this
the perryville percent in august.that's compared with the same month last monnh. ((nats))operators blame increased competition from maryland live at aruudel mills. thht's why they oppose puilding another princeegeorge's county. (brochin) "it just shows us thht even with five casinos, the irony is you add this sixth casino, you don't know whht's going to happen at maryland live afttr that.""" new world class resort casino in maryland."but groups...supporting the referendum to expand gambling...are fightin back. their ads...claim another casino either at the national harbor...or at rosecroft thousands of permanent jobs. several million dollars...have already been pentby both influence the public. (brochinn "and you have propaganda on both sides...both casinos are...wwo knows what's right and fter you finished listening to ttis, you're not going to know what's right." both sides in this gambling battle....are expected... to effortsto 3 ""nfluence"... the voters.john rydell, fox 45 neww at 5:30. how are the roads looking tonig? tonight?brandi proctor ha
comes crashing into the stands. natsit happened s saturday... at the "monster air 2012" show in onlookerrwas recording viddo of a drag race... when he captured the frightening scene. you can see the truck driver losing control... bouncing through a ud pit and over a barricade... before smashing into spectators.3 people were hit by the truck's 48-inch tires... and taken to a hospital wiih non- life-threatening injuries.the truck driver was not hurt. some newly-released emails... paint a shocking portrait of michael jackson... just months befooe his death.the emails... obtained by "the l-a times"... were written by a concerned promoter wwth "a-e-g"... the group financing jackson's "this is it" comeback tour. one promoter called jackson quote - "drunk and despondent" and "an emotiinally paralyzed mess riddled with self loathing and doubt." the emails are expecttd to play a role in two lawsuits involving a-e-g. in repsonse... a-e-g says the emails are incomplete... nd released to portray the company n a negative light. 3 the 11 best days of summer are down to onee the maryland
reporttr ad libs)) map fbier map bel air map wilkens map 3 3 -3 3 3 the d-n-c gets underway today... today...(nats) (nats)and t's in nascarr country...charlotte, north caro. carolina.why this particular part of the country...might be a hard sell for president obama. ((bump out)) 3 gearing up for its national convention in charlotte.but in about politics it's nascar- brianna keilar rrports.. when it comes tt voters, that ould be a serious problem for president obama come november. november. --reporter pkg-as follows -- charlotte, north carolina ... fame, this is the epicenter engine-revving spoot. (nats) while nascar consists of a whole lot of left turns the typical nascar voter steers to the right. winston kelley s the head of the hall of ffme and a nascar radio commentator. (reporter: this might not group for him.)well, nascar has traditionally, as you have said, been little bit more republican but north carolina is very much a swinggstate. (reporter: so who is your driver?)probably dale jjnior. stephen elliott just happens during convention week.i am kind of little disappointed
are sending as a result. ravens nats nats the ravens fall by one point to the philadelphia eagles.who the players are blaming for the loss... and it's not a member of the team. and... one disney theme park is about to get a lot more magical.. for parents.what they're going to start selling there for the first time ever... that's for adults- only. 3 3 -live look harbor monday, september 17th 3 3 3 3 3 a house fire in northwess baltimore kills a man and injures two happened early yesterday mornin. morning.megan gilliland is here with more on the investigatton into what caused the fire. good morning guys,this is what's left of the home on woodland avenue.neighbors tell us attone point it was completely engulfed in flames. at this hour... investigators are still trying to figure out wwat caused it. it broke out around 5 o'clock yesterday morning.two fire fighters suffered minor while they're expected tt be okay... they man who lived here... was found dead on the pirst floor.they believeehe died of smoke inhalation and burns. three other people inside at the time... wer
investigation. nats - please don't show crash crashplus some terrifying moments... caught on camera. we'll show you what happened just seconds after this viddo was taken. 3 3 -live look harbor monday, september 3rd 3 3 the parents of the teen whoo was shot on the first day of school at perry hall high school... are now speaking out. out.their son... daniel... who &psuffers from down syndrome... was shht in the lower back by another student with a doubled barreled shotgun. the suspect... 15-year-olddrobert day of school... last day of - my life"inside his back pack was a shoogun... 21 rounds of ammo and a bottle of vodka. daniel's parents are now monitor what their kids do &ponnine. "i hope he gets the help he needs im not trying to be forgiving beeause we're hurting my son is hurting but that's for the legal system for the police for the lawyers for the judges for all them to do what they need to do." do."daniel suffered a bruised damaged chest muscles..e's still being treated at shock traumaagladden will be charged as an adult with attemptee murder and other charges. daniel's churcc is planni
. hire ááow.áaies ooking o --3 surfin uss nats nats and a ig shake-up... for "the beach boys."the surprising way 3 of the members found out... thhy've been áffred.áyou're watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning. ((br screaming nats nats new his morning... a settlement ii reached in aa class-actiin lawsuit... involving pepperrsprryed students at the university of''e lookinn at when police used pepper spraa to clear out an occupy encamppent. theeschool is now offeringgto pay 21-plaintiffs 30-thousandddollars each... as part of a proposed settlement. the college says the officer involvee in the incident is no longer working at the university. a new scam... targeeing seniors.theives are getting their hands on personal bank account numbers... then re-routing social securrty bennfits to their own accounts. the scam comes at the ssae time thh social security swwtch all beneficcaries to - pirect deposit... instead off mailing paper checks. 3& nearly 16-hundred transport workers union early retirementtoffer... from ameriian airlines.the airline s
on the nats game and look ahead through the week and the weekend. >> all right, thank you, top. one of the key figures in that d.c. corruption probe was back in court today. thomas is the former deputy treasurer for the vince gray campaign has pled guilty to felony charges for steering money to fringe sulaimon brown, and then trying to cover up those payments. bruce johnson has been looking into where the federal probe stands now. bruce. >> this much we do know, the federal probe is not over. in fact, a number of people feel it will pick up in public view now that summer vacation is over. thomas gore, deputy treasurer in the vincent campaign was sent home from u.s. district court today. his attorney seemed to be hoping for a sentencing date. even though gore is expected to get probation, prosecutors feel he knows more than he has been willing to say about illegal payments to fringe candidate for mayor, sulaimon brown. they held a press conference only after they get convictions, but according to sources, prosecutors are asking a will the of questions about illegal payments to sulai
. everybody that's going by to the nats game, just talking about how great the weather is out here tonight. of course, it is going to be a great night for the game. come on down. they need your support down here tonight. hopefully they will be able to clinch a play-off spot. currently 74 degrees right now, with winds out of the south at about 74 -- or about 7 miles per hour. beautiful conditions. low humidity, plenty of sunshine. temperatures 73 right now in gaithersburg, 73 back to the west in martinsburg and culpepper coming in at 75 degrees. what are we expecting through the rest of the night? southeast d.c., along the river, right along nats park, temperatures falling down into the 60s. by 11:00. 65 degrees. 59 degrees when you wake up tomorrow morning in the city. many of you will be in the upper 40s. it will be slightly warmer tomorrow. then a couple of things to talk about, including a chance for severe weather and even colder temperatures on the way. all of that coming up in my forecast in just a couple of minutes. >> thank you, doug. >>> when we come right back, it's been one year
on it. >> coming up in sports, bryce harper an the nats defense helping out stephen strausburg >>> time is winding down. >> yeah, all the numbers have been falling around, but there's one we're waiting for. two. two is the number. if you haven't gotten tickets for next friday's game, you better be quick about it. stephen strausburg will pitch just two more times this season as the schedule looks, that's september 7th and then 12th at the mets. today against the defending champion cardinals, the nat's ace, well, he was all that. and the nats taking a field after the 13 minute rain delay. runners at the corner and that's some heat. gets out of a jam. one of nine on the game. he's got runners at the corner. brian anderson skies one to shallow right. harper is under it and apparently, allen craig has not gotten the memo yet. harper has a cannon for an arm. great throw by harper and a great tag by kurt suzuki to keep the cards off the board and wouldn't you know it? bottom of the inning, suzuki at the dish and it's gone. talk about a tag him out, hit him out. he also had an rbi single. sean
live pictures from innide our commute... as it happens. ((nats of aircheck)) the man behind tte wheel... jimmm uhrin.. or as we've started calling him... traffic &pjam jimmy.17:14:27 insidd her we have 7 cameras... cameras facing forward... to the east west behind me. i can show my pretty face and this one.. close up.. pretty scary.((nats of aircheck)) &pyou might not recognize jimmy... but youuve probably seen him before. remember mondee the seamonster from the captain chesapeake show? that sea monster... wws jimmy changed since then... and jimmy's been thereefor all of it.17:59:31 when we were kids dick tracey had a watch.. technology extended into towers to get a signal and send it back. the signal from the cameras in the mobiie trak unit is sent back to the t-v station usingg a backpack transmitter called a "live u". no livetruck... just instant informatton on the changing road conditions. ((nats of aircheck)) just anotherrway fox45 morning news is working to bring you the most up to date information to get your day started.17:11:00 every morning throu
'll have the forecast for you in moments. lindsey, what is up in sports. >> coming up in sports, the nats are off while the orioles need extra innings. and the redskins prep for a team they have become quite familiar with. those stories later in sports. >> and if you have a story idea, there is the number and the e-mail address. we'll be right back.  >> deciding whether to expand gambling in national harbor. it could be a landing spot for the new casino. mgm wants to build the casino so today it opened an information center. the information center will be open to the public and represents there to introduce the mgm brand to the residents of the county and state. >> drivers are getting a break in montgomery county. no longer issuing late fees on speed or red light cameras. charging the fees violated state law. they have 56 fixed speed cameras, six vans and ten red light cameras. the county is expected to lose $2 million in revenue in cards, coupons and cash in one spot. coming up on the news edge, the apple takes a step toward the digital waet. >> and a flea market find fetches
in a dip. >> thanks. >>> last night another case of a nats ofbench player, coming up p when it mattered the most. s som. but this president cannot tell us that you're better off today than when he took office. [ female announcer ] here in virginia, we're not better off under president obama. his defense cuts threaten over one hundred thirty thousand jobs, lowering home values, putting families at risk. the romney plan? tax cuts for middle class families. north american energy independence. create over three hundred forty thousand new jobs for virginia. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approved this message. >>> dave ross with you, and the accolades keep coming for robert griffin the 3.n he was named the nfc offensive player of the week, and the first rookie quarterback ever in the his interest of pro football to win that after making his professional debut impress of indeed. he isn't the only rookie that looked impressive.ok what about this guy? alfred morris who surprised many with his big time gamega registering 96 yards, he wasn't even announced as the starting back until saturday ni
a home for the gator. >>> and up next, the nats with the struggling cubs last night for the win. almost literally. dave ross is live from nats park. previewing tonight's action after the break. [ romney ] this president can ask us to be patient. this president can tell us it was someone else's fault. but this president cannot tell us that you're better off today than when he took office. [ female announcer ] here in virginia, we're not better off under president obama. his defense cuts threaten over one hundred thirty thousand jobs, lowering home values, putting families at risk. the romney plan? tax cuts for middle class families. north american energy independence. create over three hundred forty thousand new jobs for virginia. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approved this message. . >>> good evening, everybody. dave ross is live at nats park. we're getting ready for the final start of steven straussburg here at nats park this season. he's going to new york on wednesday and making his last start. he will be officially shut down for the season. the gates are open about 30 minutes away
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for the nats game tomorrow afternoon. hosting the florida marlins. first pitch at 1:35. mostly sunny, temperatures will be in the upper 70s. here's your zone forecast. we start in western maryland. oakland close to 70 degrees as your high for sunday. cumberland 77. partly cloudy conditions. 78 in winchester. 77 for hagerstown. 80 south in culpeper. upper 70s for manassas. annapolis upper 70s. pax river 78. easten and cambridge around 77 degrees. enjoy these next few days. okay, so tomorrow, code green because the not humid really comfortable conditions. high around 80. tuesday in the upper 70s. check out your next seven days. thanks to high pressure, we're going to hold on to the sunny conditions and next several days and we'll enjoy the lower humidity. i would say ladies, start to maybe get out these fall sweaters and boots because you know fall is around the corner. it is definitely going to feel like it, especially come tomorrow. we weathered through the storm today and we'll get relief starting tomorrow. >> the last game. >> no, and you seen it, sent twitter into a frenzy. step
. 3&nats of crash. crash. a maryland state trooper was hit byya tractor trailer during a traffic stop...and it was all caught on his dash able to stand on his feet... before ccllapsing. nats of mom dancing dancingand back to school... means back to funnfor one mom. we'll show youumore.. of her fancy footwork! 3 3 pcamden yards 3 today is fridayy september 7. 3 3 3 mapbelairwilkknsmap395 saying goodbye to a baltimore legend.viewing arranggments for art modell have been set for this saturday. saturday.the modell family and the altimore ravens are inviting... everyone.megan gilliland is here with more onn where you can pay your respects. good morning guys,mr. modell's field at mm& t bank stadium - phis saturday... with the lombadi trohphy.the viewing is from 11 to 1 pm...parking is free in lot b and c.all fans are nvited and are encourrged former ravens owner art modell died earry yesterday morning with his sons by his side... he was 87 years old.but his legacy lives on.hh negotiated big proponent of monday night football.he moved his cleveland browns to baatimore in 1996... aad that
on this night at the park. attention eharmony and you may want to sponsor nats park. it was singles night between the white lines. every run scored off singles. the cardinals could barely get to first base. nats going to work early. adam laroche at the plate. two runners in scoring position. laroche pokes it to left for a single. jayson werth and bryce harper come in to score. the nats take a 2-0 lead. ryan zimmerman this is not a single. deep to the bull pen. a two-run shot. it's nats 10-0. the bull pen with the night off. gonzalez dealing in the ninth. he strikes out eight and goes the distance for win. he gets a gatorade bath and how nice is this? a pie to the face later. nats dominate again, 10-0. >>> orioles visiting the yankees. buck says let's go after the division. mark reynolds got the division. top two, man on for reynolds. he cranks it to left. a two-run shot and the orioles go on to win 6-1. they trail the yankees in the division by two games. players some of the most accessible athletes in sports but not on this day. guys like aldrick robinson turned their phones off. b
or even the nats game. the paper says it is all because of a problem with the production technology and the post issued a statement on its website apologizing and explaning that quote, the stories are available online and many will be reproduced in thursday's paper. >>> meantime, coming up at 7:00, how some bold bad guyed forced a woman to rob her own bank. and live in studio weighing in on the democratic national convention. i'll see you at 7:00. >> sounds like a packed show. still to come in this half hour, shake, rattle, and roll. an earthquake hits as cameras are rolling. topper. >> some kind of humid outside. we are tracking one thunderstorm in southern fauquier county. we show you doppler radar. this is moving off to the north and east. stay tuned. >>> and up next, an american astronaut sets a record in space. >>> success and a record during today's space walk outside the international space station. first, astronauts were able to finish the job with a stubborn bolt that has been plaguing the project since last week. during the effort, americans broke the record for the most
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of not the best night at the ball park. >> no, the nats were struggling, that's for sure. as good as last night was, tonight was just as gut wrenching. the nats had it, then they lost it. wasn't sure, looked like a sure win at the ballpark. want to talk about that and high school football coming up next. >> i'm james brown saturday night on game on. >> this week the secretary of defense will be here. bruce johnson talks it up in the barber shop, plus a complete roundup of the fcc and nfl. >> game on this saturday night only on wusa. >>> and now, 9sports with dave owen. >> well, all the talk of finally making the playoffs is done. now the nats are focusing on winning the division. the magic number to clinch is 8 before tonight. now don't try to figure out the math of all of that. just trust me. the magic number is eight. nats trying to make that magic number zero. i can't figure it out sometimes. here we go. edwin jackson cruising with a little help. watch bryce harper in the 4th. let me introduce you to the pose. i don't think so. that is his fifth of the year. score remains 2-1. nats leadi
kinds of screams in the newsroom. >> oh, yes. >> the nats tried to make a come back and the fans at the stadium were out on the edge of their seats because late in the game we thought the nats were going to win a playoff spot. it's been since 1933 since they pulled that off. but sadly they koent pull it off tonight -- couldn't pull it off tonight. ken molestina is out at the park and what a game. >> reporter: yes, what a game. let's continue with the little history list son you're talking about. -- lesson you're talking about. 1933, a lot of tradition has changed since then. what this team needs to get them to the post season is more tradition. for some reason they say it has everything to do with dancing and singing. >> are you suggesting like that the whole family do louie louie or do the moon walk? on three, let's do the moon walk. one, two, three. go. ♪ on a long and lonesome highway ♪ ♪ east of omaha >> nats park. ♪ you can listen to the engine moaning out one long song ♪ ♪ you can think about the woman ♪ ♪ or the girl you knew the night before ♪ ♪ don't
tweeting the legitimacy of the national football league is at stake. (nats) fans and commentattrs calls poor ball spotting &ppailure to control players emottons and ust an all around lack of confidence displayed by the officials. the nfl and everybody always talk about the integgity of the game and things like that. i think this is kind of along those lines. the league and the referees union are at an impaase over ages and pension benefits so far, the nfl is shrugging off the criticism saying: officiating is never perfect. the current officials have made reat strides and are performing admirabby under unprecedented scrutiny and ggeattpressure. as we do every ssason, we will work to offiiials will show continued improvement. one former referee isn't holding his breath. the integrity game can only protected by experienced people who knoo what they're doing and ontrol of game is vital and not seeing that today. jim ttnney worked more than 3 decades as an nfl referee officiating 3 superbowls along the way. he says t's unfortunate that attentton is focused on the referees when it should
... and its all caught &pon camera.take a llok. crash nats nats it happened saturday... at tte "monster aii 2012" show in onlooker was race... when he captured the frightening can see the truck driver losing control... bouncing through a mud pit and over a inno spectaaors.3 people were hii by the truck's 48-inch tires... and taken to a hospital wwth non- life-threatening injuries.the truck driver was not hurt. 3 democrats are gathering in charlotte this week... to officially re-nominate the president for another run for the hite house. sandra endo is there now... with a preview of the democratic national conventiin. 3 the stage is set and the democrats are gearing up for theirrconveetion. it officially starts tuesday but the president spent the weekend previewing his message on thursday nnght i'm going to offer you what i believe is a that wiil grow this economy, cr strengthen the middle class, and the good news is, you get republicans met last week n tampa to officially nominate mitt romney as their candidate for presideet mr. chairman, delegates. i accept your nomina
on seeing the nats in all their glory. >> carry your lunch. that's what i'm going to do. cut out something. >> reporter: everything to get some tickets to see the nats in the play-offs. tells us that there are oftentimes tickets on reserve or held back, so they urge customers to continue checking their site and calling them for any updates that may become available. we are live at nats park. we'll see you again at 6:00. back to you in the studio. >> erica gonzalez, thank you. the nationals play tonight. tomorrow when they play, we could see bad weather. doug kammerer joins us with that. >> i think that game tomorrow at 1:00, i think the storms, if we do get any, will come after the game. but there is an after-game concert that we are a little bit worried about. we'll talk about that a little bit later. 79 degrees right now, with sunshine. winds out of the south at 8 miles per hour. it is a gorgeous, gorgeous afternoon. 81 in leesburg. 80 right now in fredericksburg. 76 along the chesapeake out there towards annapolis. radar showing clear skies here. look back to the west. showe
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